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The  Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act of 2009 (RWTEA) requires that HIV Planning Group membership include:

  • Representatives of certain professions, communities and government bodies;
  • Demographics that are similar to the local HIV/AIDS epidemic; and
  • At least 33% general members*.


*A general member is a person living with HIV/AIDS (or the parent/guardian of an HIV-positive child) who does not work for an agency that receives funding through RWTEA Part A/B.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the HIV Planning Group or any of its committees, contact the HIV Planning Group support staff at for more information.


You may download the HIV Planning Group New Member Application (PDF) here

or contact our office at for an application form.

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  • To download and share our membership recruitment flyers, see Member Resources


Member Testimonials: 

"I got involved with The HIV Planning Group to ensure that the voice of the HIV community would be at the table and heard. It is very important that the HIV community always have representation throughout the Planning Process to ensure that the priorities and services needed are recognized."

Mikie Lochner, Current HIV Planning Group Chair

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Jane Doe, HIV Planning Group Member