Research Studies

Research Studies:

Through research studies, which involve people who volunteer to participate in them, researchers can better understand how to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases or conditions. Research studies can include surveys, interviews or clinical trials. Before participating in a study, talk to your health care provider and learn about the risks and potential benefits.

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Research Study:

University of California, San Diego - 


The overall goal of the study is to improve engagement in HIV care (e.g., improvement in ART adherence) and mental well-being (e.g., improvements in PTSD symptoms and emotion regulation).



UC San Diego AntiViral Research Center

The AntiViral Research Center (AVRC) develops and conducts innovative research that enhances the quality and duration of life for people living with or affected by HIV and other infections of global significance.


San Diego State University -

Human Service Workers Study

By filling out this survey you are helping to inform an understanding of the day-to-day experiences human services workers are facing in their workplace and the field overall. This research is important to improving workplaces and the services you and your agency provide.

Link to Survey:

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