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The food facility inspection information provided on this web site complies with the standards and limitations set forth in the California Health and Safety Code.  

The web site provides grade scores and a summary of violations noted by Department of Environmental Health (DEH) specialists for the past three years at each facility. The conditions observed and documented during a food establishment inspection may have been corrected, and violations may have been corrected since the last date of inspection. New violations or problems may have developed since the last inspection. 

The delay between the inspection date and the posting of inspection results online should be one day.

The information provided on this web site is a summary and is not intended to substitute for County official records showing the complete results of an inspection. If a County official record of an inspection is needed, please use a “Request for Public Records” to obtain that record. The status of a health permit is not reported online.To inquire about the status of a permit, contact our permit desk during business hours at (858) 505-6666.

DEH does not guarantee the accuracy of the information reported on this web site, and disclaims liability for any errors. DEH reserves the right to make changes to this web site at any time without notice.

DEH does not endorse any food establishment. DEH does not collect or track any personal information on individuals who visit our web site.