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Simply enter the name or address of a food facility to begin your search! The search results should provide you with the 30 facilities closest to your location. 

Advanced Search

The advanced search allows you to search based on different parameters. 


        This field is for facility name or address.

    Select City

        You can select one or all of the communities within San Diego county to help narrow your search.


        Narrow down your search based on the zip code you want to search in. 

    Business Type

        Here you can choose between permanent facilities, such as restaurants and markets, and mobile facilites like food trucks. 


        This parameter will let you search for facilities that have inspections with the selected grades.

    Show Only Closures

        When this box is checked, you will see only facilities that have an inspection that was ordered closed within the past three years. 


        Using this parameter, you can search for facilities that have inspections that are within a range of scores using a minimum and maximum score range. 

    Inspection Type

        You can choose one or more of our inspection types to show only facilities that have had inspections of those types. Our inspection types are Routine, Re-Inspection, Site Investigation, Status Verification, and Environmental.

    Violation Issued

        Here you can select one or all of the violations that we might note during an inspection. 

No list found.

There are a few possible reasons why a search may yield no results or records.

  • Different than database - The business name, city or zip code that was entered in the search may differ from the way it appears in the database. For example, there may be substituted text, such as "&" instead of "and", or vice versa. Smart and Final may be listed as Smart & Final.
  • New business - The business may be new, including a new business or new owner. This means it may not have been inspected yet. If the business recently changed names, we may still have it listed under the old business name.
  • Out of business/ Unpermitted - The business does not have a permit or is out of business.
  • The type of permit may not meet reporting criteria (such as a temporary food facility)

We hope this information has been helpful. If you would like further assistance, please e-mail the FHD Duty Specialist.