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Search Help

Ways to search with limited information:

  • Restaurant or business name
  • City
  • Zip Code

Enter information on at least one field to search, or search using any combination of fields. See the No Results section of this page for more search help.

Restaurant/Business name

The restaurant or business name is the exact business name listed on the permit in the database. This name may have variations and may appear differently.


The address is split into two searchable fields: city/community name and zip code. The city/community field is a drop-down list of incorporated cities and communities within the County of San Diego and is linked with the zip code. The City of San Diego neighborhoods map may be useful in your search. The zip code field must have at least five digits.

Sample Search

Let's say you were searching for Joe's Diner with a zip code of 92101. Here is how you would search:

  • Restaurant/Business Name: Joe's Diner
  • ZIP code: 92101

This search will return all restaurants/businesses with the letters "Joes Diner" in the name within the 92101 zip code, and will include similar items such as Joey's American Grill and Cup o' Joe.

Or, maybe you want to search for all restaurants in zip code 92123.

  • ZIP Code: 92123

This search will return all restaurants/businesses within the 92123 zip code.

No Results

There are a few possible reasons why a search may yield no results or records.

  • Different than database - The business name, city or zip code that was entered in the search may differ from the way it appears in the database. For example, there may be substituted text, such as "&" instead of "and", or vice versa. Smart and Final may be listed as Smart & Final.
  • New business - The business may be new, including a new business or new owner. This means it may not have been inspected yet, or it was inspected within the last 2 weeks. If the business recently changed names, we may still have it listed under the old business name.
  • Out of business/ Unpermitted - The business does not have a permit or is out of business.
  • The type of permit may not meet reporting criteria (such as a temporary food facility or vending vehicle).

To facilitate your search please note the following:

  • Our search engine allows you to find the restaurant you are looking for that will find similarly spelled names. It will ignore punctuation (', ", etc) and symbols (#, $, etc), as well as spaces when searching for businesses.
  • Businesses that include a number as part of their name can be problematic. Use the numbered method first (01st for 1st Street) ,and if that doesn't work, then try using the spelled out method (First St).

We hope this information has been helpful. If you would like further assistance, please e-mail the FHD Duty Specialist.