EPA ID Numbers

EPA ID Numbers

Regardless of size, an EPA ID number is necessary for all hazardous waste generators participating in consolidated manifesting, except for generators of less than 100 kg/month of “silver-only” hazardous wastes.

See DTSC Consolidated Transporters and Consolidated Manifesting fact sheets at  www.dtsc.ca.gov

California Permanent ID Numbers
Businesses that generate waste on an ongoing basis must have a permanent ID number. To get a permanent ID number, you need to complete the required application,  DTSC Form 1358. There is no fee to obtain a permanent ID number. Permanent ID numbers cannot be obtained by phone.

California Temporary ID Numbers
Temporary ID numbers (90-day numbers) are issued to people or businesses that do not routinely generate hazardous waste. Click the link above to apply online. http://hwts.dtsc.ca.gov/GetEPAID_index.cfm 

You may obtain detailed information about EPA-ID numbers and legal citations (California Code of Regulations and Health and Safety Code) by going to DTSC’s California Identification (EPA-ID) Numbers webpage. Information on existing EPA-ID numbers is available at DTSC's Hazardous Waste Tracking System (HWTS). Click on Reports and then click on the report titled Search for a Company.