Small Quantity Medical Waste Generator Registration Program

Effective September 4, 2020 a small quantity generator of medical waste, who meets the qualifications, are required by County Ordinance to register with the County of San Diego Hazardous Materials Division.




Facilities that generate less than 200 lbs total of medical waste* per month

·Sharps waste

·Biohazardous waste

·Non-RCRA Pharmaceutical Waste

·Trace Chemotherapy Waste

·Pathology Waste

·Trauma Scene Waste


*Pourable/Scrapable chemotherapy waste on this table is considered hazardous waste and requires a UPFP.

·Facilities generating 200 pounds or more of medical waste per month.

·Facilities that treat medical waste in any amount. (autoclaving or other State-approved method)

·Facilities that generate hazardous wastes (bulk chemo, flammable or toxic staining waste, RCRA pharmaceuticals, etc.)

·Facilities that handle hazardous materials in amounts exceeding local, state, or federal reporting thresholds.  (compressed medical gasses >1,000 cu ft.)

·Common medical waste storage facilities that provide a central collection point for 2 or more small quantity medical waste generators to store waste prior to collection by a waste hauler.

If your facility already has a Unified Program Facility Permit (UPFP), you do not need to apply for registration. You will be automatically transitioned into the registration program based on your CERS inventory and business type before your existing permit expires.  You will be required to verify your eligibility, self-certify compliance, and pay the new registration fee in order to obtain your registration certificate.


Registration Certification Process

1. SUBMIT    Submit Registration application online through Accela Citizen Access (ACA) or by mail.
2. REVIEW Application is reviewed by the Hazardous Materials Division (HMD).
3. SELF-CERTIFICATION Complete and submit Medical Waste Management Plan to HMD. You can e-mail your documents to
4. REVIEW HMD will review the self-certification paperwork and additional documents. You may be contacted for additional information.
5. STATUS CONFIRMATION HMD will contact your facility via email informing the facility of it’s Accepted or Not Accepted status.
6. INVOICE If Accepted into the Program, an invoice will be mailed to the facility. If Not Accepted, a UPFP will need to be obtained.
7. PAY Pay invoice once received in the mail.
8. REGISTRATION CERTIFICATION Once HMD receives a receipt of payment, a registration certification will be mailed to the facility.
9. RENEWAL Registration is valid for 2 years and must be renewed prior to expiration date.*


* The fee to obtain a Small Quantity Medical Waste Registration is $160, valid for 2 years. However, because this is a new program, we are doing a phased-in approach and for the first year there will be some facilities that will pay a pro-rated fee of $80 for 1 year. Every year after this initial year and once the certification expires, all facilities will be required to self-certify and pay the fee of $160 every 2 years thereafter.




Please feel free to contact the CERS Help Desk at (858) 505-6990 or if you have any general questions regarding medical waste. The Hazardous Materials Duty Specialist is available Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm.