Hazardous Waste Manifests

Hazardous waste transported for disposal or treatment must be accompanied by a Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest form:

  • The federal uniform hazardous waste manifest consists of 6 white pages.
  • The federal manifest does not include a generator copy for submission to the State Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). A generator must make a legible photocopy of the manifest and mail it to DTSC within 30 days of shipping the waste. (The top page will make a clearer copy than the bottom page, so consider making a copy before the transporter leaves with the manifest.)
  • Generators must purchase manifests from an U.S.EPA-approved printer. A list of approved printers may be found on the DTSC web site under Manifest Registry.
  • Fields were added to the federal manifest that were not on the California manifest: Generator site address, 24-hour emergency phone #, space for 6 waste codes per line, import/export, discrepancy categories, rejected loads, and alternate facility.
  • The federal manifest has space for load rejection information (cause, destination, and reference to a new manifest if one is used). In latter case the TSDF creates a new manifest and returns the load to the generator.

What are Hazardous Waste Report Management Method Codes (HWRMM Codes)?
Previously, California’s waste manifest instructions required the Destination Facilities use one of 10 handling codes to report how the waste was handled at that facility. The new manifest uses 28 Management Method Codes. These are the same codes used in  Biennial Reports. Only Destination Facilities are allowed to add the HWRMM codes to the manifest. Generators and transporters do not add these codes.

 Consolidated Manifesting

A shipping paper, instead of a manifest, is acceptable for the transportation of hazardous wastes eligible under Consolidated Manifesting. See DTSC Fact Sheets on Consolidated Manifesting.

All records of hazardous waste transported offsite must be kept  for at least 3 years. This includes manifest copies and/or shipping papers from used oil and parts washer’s used solvent transporters.

 How to Complete a Manifest

In order to complete a hazardous waste manifest, the person generating the hazardous waste must have a valid EPA Identification number (a twelve character number beginning with CA). 

All of the following steps must be taken to complete a manifest:

  1. Fill in the top part of the manifest form completely and accurately. Directions for filling out the manifest form are listed on the back of the manifest form. Be sure to use the new Federal EPA Manifest form OMB no. 2050-0039. It is recommended that generators access the DTSC website for complete instructions for completing the new Federal Hazardous Waste Manifest form.
  2. Generator and transporter must sign and date the manifest.
  3. The generator must keep the generator’s initial manifest (page 6), make a legible copy of it, and mail it to the State Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). The remaining five copies of the manifest are to be given to the transporter.
  4. The permitted treatment, Storage or Disposal Facility (TSDF) will mail one signed copy back to the generator when they receive the waste from the transporter. This copy must also be kept for at least three years.  It is the generator's responsibility to track all loads of hazardous waste and to ensure that the manifests have been returned by the required date.
 Manifest Copies

Where do Generators send manifests copies?

Where do TSDF and Destination Facilities send manifest copies?

Generators must make a readable and legible copy of the manifest and mail it to:

DTSC Generator Manifests
P.O. Box 400
Sacramento, CA 95812-0400

TSDFs and Destination Facilities must mail their manifest copies to:

DTSC Facility Manifests
P.O. Box 3000
Sacramento, CA 95812-3000


 Manifest Exception Reports:
What if I didn't receive a copy of my manifest after disposal?

If a Generator has not received a signed copy of the manifest from the TSDF after 35* days from the date the waste was shipped, the Generator is required to contact the Transporter and TSDF to determine the status of the waste shipment.

If after contact the TSDF and Transporter, the Generator has not received a signed copy of the manifest, the Generator is required to file an Exception Report with DTSC. If the Generator receives a signed copy from the TSDF, then an Exception Report is not necessary.

A Generator files an exception report after:

  • 45 days for Generators >1000 kg/month
  • 60 days for Generators <1000 kg/month
  • If shipped by water, 60 days triggers search.

The Exception Report needs to include the following:

  • A legible copy of the manifest, and
  • A cover letter explaining what the Generator has done to locate the hazardous waste and the results of those efforts.

Send Exception Reports to:

DTSC Report Repository
Generator Information Services Section
P.O. Box 806
Sacramento, CA 95812-0806

 Land Disposal Restrictions

Some hazardous wastes are subject to land disposal restrictions (LDR). The LDR notification must be sent with the manifest and a copy of the notification kept e by the waste generator for at least three years.