Hazardous Waste Training Requirements


A personnel training program shall be designed to ensure that employees are able to respond effectively to emergencies. This is to be accomplished by familiarizing the employees with emergency procedures, emergency equipment, and emergency systems, including where applicable:

  • procedures for using, inspecting, repairing and replacing facility emergency and monitoring equipment;
  • communications and alarm systems;
  • response to spills, fires, or explosions;
  • response to groundwater contamination incidents;
  • how to shut down operations;
  • operation of automatic waste feed cutoff systems (if applicable); and
  • emergency notification procedures.


Large Quantity Generators Must Maintain Training Records

The following records must be maintained at the facility by the owner/operator where the business is a  large quantity generator :

  • the job title and job description for each position related to hazardous waste management and the name of the employee filling each job. The job description should include the required skills, education, or other qualifications and duties of employees assigned to each position;
  • a written description of the type and amount of training (introductory and continuing) that will be given to each person filling the positions listed above; and
  • documentation that the training required has been completed by each employee identified.

The above records must be maintained for current employees and for former employees for at least three years after the employee leaves the business.