Site Assessment and Mitigation Manual


SAM Manual

The latest complete edition of the SAM Manual was released in 2004. However, SAM is currently in the process of updating the SAM Manual section by section.  You may download the most recent version of the entire SAM Manual or sections and appendices individually using the links below.

SAM Manual

SAM Manual Content

Table of Contents



Section 1 Assessment and Mitigation Program
Section 2 Underground Storage Tank Program
Section 3 Contaminant Discovery and Release Reporting
Section 4 Site Assessment Process
Section 5 Site Investigation Techniques
Section 6 Risk Based Decision Process
Section 7 Mitigation Process


Appendix A Storage Tank Permit
Appendix B Well/Boring Permit and Standard
Appendix C Assistance Programs
Appendix D Forms
Appendix E Guidelines
Appendix F Examples
Appendix G Agency Directory
Appendix H Listings
Appendix I References
Appendix J Acronyms and Abbreviations
Appendix K Article 11, California Code of Regulations, Title 23 Chapter 16
Appendix L California Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund
Appendix M State MTBE Draft Guidelines
Appendix N Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs)
Appendix O DTSC Preliminary Endangerment Assessment Guidance Manual