Risk and Waste Reduction for Schools


Schools are a great place to teach students about hazardous materials management, safety and waste minimization. Compliance with environmental laws is one step in keeping kids safe from common chemical and physical hazards associated with schools. The Hazardous Materials Division has developed and assembled tools for teachers and administrators to use at schools to reduce risks to students and employees.  

In addition to these resources our inspectors are available for "Career Day" presentations to students interested in a career in environmental health. Contact the HMD Duty Specialist for more information at (858) 505-6880.

 Upcoming Workshops for Teachers and Administrators

Wednesday March 28, 2018 (9am - 12pm)

County Operations Center Chambers
5520 Overland Ave, 92123
Contact the HMD Duty Specialist to RSVP
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Past Presentations

Emergency Responses at Schools

Compliance Inspections at Schools (2009)

Hazardous Waste & Risk Minimization at Schools

Compliance Inspections at Schools (2007) - 30 minutes

     Hazard and Waste Minimization - 45 minutes
 Resources for Parents, Teachers and Kids


Hazmat Compliance for Schools - handout