SAM Frequently Asked Questions


How can I obtain a copy of the Site Assessment and Mitigation (SAM) Manual?
Copies of the current SAM Manual are available from the SAM Web Page.

How can I obtain the Environmental Assessment Case Listing of open and closed cases?
The Environmental Assessment Case Search instructions are located on the SAM Homepage under Program Services.  The listing can be searched by city, address, or release number/global ID.

How do I find a qualified environmental consultant to investigate soil and groundwater contamination?
Environmental consultants are listed online and can be searched under "Environmental Services", "Geologists", and "Hydrogeologists".  The Department of Environmental Health and Quality (DEHQ) does not endorse or warranty the work performed by these companies.

How do I obtain information and/or permits for monitoring wells, borings, direct-push samplers, cone penetrometers or piezometers?
Contact the Monitoring Well Permit Desk at (858) 505-6688 to obtain permit information.  The monitoring well permit application and associated documents are available on-line at the DEHQ Monitoring Well Program Web page.  Permits are required for all test holes where there is known environmental contamination, a hazardous waste or material stored, or will be stored and meets any of the following criteria:

  • Borings in which a casing will be installed
  • Borings that have a monitoring device installed
  • Borings greater than 20 feet deep
  • Borings 20 feet or less in depth where groundwater will be encountered

What is the Voluntary Assistance Program (VAP)?
The San Diego County Code and the California Health and Safety Code authorizes the DEHQ to enter into voluntary agreements with Responsible Parties to provide oversight of investigations and remedial actions at sites contaminated by chemicals from sources other than regulated underground storage tanks.  The VAP application and associated documents are available on-line at the DEHQ Voluntary Assistance Program Web page.