Special Projects Assistance Program (SPAP)


A Voluntary Option to Seek Regulatory Assistance for Project Oversight and Assessments

The Special Projects Assistance Program (SPAP) is designed to provide the applicant with regulatory consultation, project review, and public health assessment.  HMD staff will review and oversee all projects in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements and industry practices. The goal of the Special Projects Assistance Program is to assure that the facility will meet regulatory requirements through HMD project review and oversight related to environmental programs under the Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA). Upon completion of a project, HMD will issue a letter addressing the applicant's specific project goals.  Open lines of communication between HMD and the applicant provide the best opportunities for expedient review and successful project resolution. 

Examples of Review Projects:

  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) exemptions;
  • Hazardous Waste Tank Assessments;
  • Tank in an Underground Area (TIUGA) review.

Conditions of Review

  • The submitted application package should contain a completed and signed application form, including a detailed description of the project. Submit drawings, schematics, or additional relevant documentation, if applicable.
  • An initial fee, payable to the County of San Diego, is required at the time of application submittal. This fee covers the first two (2) hours of staff review time. Staff review time in excess of two hours will be invoiced to the applicant and must be paid within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. 
  • Within five (5) workdays of DEHQ receipt of your complete application, the project will be identified by an HMD Case Number and assigned to an HMD project manager.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of all activities, including payment of all invoices, HMD will issue a letter addressing the applicant's specific project goals. 
  • Staff assistance will not be provided on delinquent accounts.

How to Apply:

The following items must be submitted for the DEHQ to begin the review process:

  1. SPAP Application Form - This form allows the applicant to identify their specific project goals.
  2. Initial Fee - The initial fee covers 2 hours of Specialist review time at the “Hazardous Materials Division Hourly Rate”- Fee Code 6HSPEC-EHO (click here for current rate). Include a check for initial fees, payable to County of San Diego. 


Special Projects Assistance Program Contacts

Cecilia Lewallen, Supervising EHS (619) 454-9915

Veronica Archer, EHS III, Plan Check Specialist (619) 454-9672

Steve Camba, EH Technician/Permits (858) 505-6976