2015 General Plan Clean-Up

Project Manager: Kevin Johnston  email: kevin.johnston@sdcounty.ca.gov phone: 858-694-3084
mailing address: 5510 Overland Avenue, Suite 310, San Diego, CA  92123


Board of Supervisors Hearing

The 2015 General Plan Clean-Up General Plan Amendment and Rezone (GPA 14-001; REZ 14-001) has been scheduled for a Board of Supervisors hearing on November 18, 2015, 9:00am, at the County Administration Center (CAC), Room 310, 1600 Pacific Highway in San Diego. A link to the hearing agenda is provided below.

The General Plan Clean-Up is intended to provide a regular mechanism for making changes to the General Plan to allow for corrections discovered during the General Plan's implementation or to reflect changing circumstances. This is second General Plan Clean-Up processed since the adoption of the General Plan in 2011. The types of changes included in the project fall into the following categories: Land Use Map & zoning, General Plan text revisions, Implementation Plan, Mobility Element Network, and community/subregional plans.

Board of Supervisors Hearing Agenda - November 18, 2015

Board of Supervisors Staff Report                                

A comprehensive update of the County General Plan was adopted in 2011. The General Plan provides a framework for land use and development decisions consistent with an established community vision and is based on a set of guiding principles designed to protect the County’s unique and diverse natural resources and maintain the character of its rural and semi-rural communities.

The General Plan Update was a comprehensive, complex, and large update in both scope and scale. As such, staff and the Board of Supervisors anticipated that unforeseen inconsistencies and mapping errors, along with changed circumstances, would emerge during plan implementation that would require changes. Efficiencies can be achieved by grouping the changes and processing them in a batch. By adopting a formal approach to such a review, certainties and assurances can also be achieved in the process. Therefore, at the time of the adoption of the General Plan Update, the Board of Supervisors directed staff to bring forward a General Plan ‘clean-up’ every two years in the form of a General Plan Amendment.         

The Draft Plan for the 2015 General Plan Clean-Up was circulated for a 45-day public and agency review and comment period from April 15 through June 1, 2015. See the link to Attachment B above for the Staff Recommendation document, which provides a description of each of the proposed changes in the project. See the links below for countywide and community-level maps of the proposed Land Use Map/zoning changes, in addition to analysis worksheets for each of the proposed Land Use Map/zoning items in the project.


General Plan Table LU-1 (Information on Land Use designations and compatible Regional Categories)

Countywide and Community-Level Map Links for the 2015 General Plan Clean-Up

General Plan Clean-Up GPA - Countywide Map - Existing GP Designations

General Plan Clean-Up GPA - Countywide Map - Proposed GP Designations


Existing and Proposed GP Designations – Community Level Maps
(Note: no Land Use Map or zoning Clean-Up changes are proposed in communities that are not included in the table below)

Alpine Existing Proposed
Crest-Dehesa Existing Proposed
Julian Existing Proposed
Lakeside Existing Proposed
North County Metro Existing Proposed
San Dieguito Existing Proposed
Spring Valley Existing Proposed
Sweetwater Existing Proposed
Valley Center Existing Proposed

Analysis Worksheets – Proposed Land Use Map and Zoning Changes

Alpine AL201
Crest-Dehesa CD201 CD202
Julian JL201 JL202
Lakeside LS201 LS202 LS203 LS204
NC Metro NC201
San Dieguito SD201 SD202
Spring Valley SV201 SV202
Sweetwater SW201
Valley Center VC201 VC202