Draft Final Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (SEIR)

PDS2012-3800-12-005, PDS2014-REZ-14-006; LOG NO. PDS2012-ER-12-00-003; SCH NO. 2015121012

The Property Specific Requests General Plan Amendment includes three project components. The first includes revisions to land use designations (and zoning use regulations when necessary for consistency) for 21 Property Specific Request Analysis Areas. These requests are generally for increased residential density. The second component includes revisions to land use designations and zoning use regulations of the former Champagne Gardens Specific Plan Area.  The third component is a revision to Residential Policy 8 of the Valley Center Community Plan, addressing minimum lot size requirements in areas that have a land use designation of SR-2 or SR-4 and that have access to sewer service.  This third component does not propose changes in allowed density. The three components of the project are located in the following Community/Regional Planning Areas of the unincorporated area of San Diego County: Bonsall, Borrego Springs, Campo/Lake Morena, Crest/Dehesa/Harbison Canyon/Granite Hills, Fallbrook, North County Metro, Pala/Pauma, San Dieguito, and Valley Center.





C1-Pala Pauma Community Sponsor Group Comment Letter and Responses

C2-Borrego Community Sponsor Group Comment Letter and Responses

C3-Bonsall Community Sponsor Group Comment Letter and Responses

I1-Reyner Comment Letter and Responses

I2-DShreves Comment Letter and Responses

I3-JShreves Comment Letter and Responses

I4-DandBRedden Comment Letter and Responses

I5-NClapp CommentLetter and Responses

I6-JandMBarber Comment Letter and Responses

I7-OHunter Commen Letter and Responses

I8-JandEThompson Comment Letter and Responses

I9-CHelsel Comment Letter and Responses

I10-HNoyes Comment Letter and Responses

I11-BHoffert Comment Letter and Responses

I12-SHutchison Comment Letter and Responses

I13-CPerkins Comment Letter and Responses

I14-RGittings Comment Letter and Responses

I15-RDrowns Comment Letter and Responses

I16-JDax Comment Letter and Responses

I17-SHoffert Comment Letter and Responses

I18-RandDHayes Comment Letter and Responses

I19-TJOhara Comment Letter and Responses

I20-MandKBookoutVarner Comment Letter and Responses

I21-LandPFisher Comment Letter and Responses

I22-LPaul RStaehle Comment Letter and Responses

I23-SFarrell Comment Letter and Responses

I24-JMoose Comment Letter and Responses

I25-SBieri Comment Letter and Responses

L1-RanchoPaumaMWC Comment Letter and Responses

L2-CityOfSanMarcos Comment Letter and Responses

L3-SANDAG Comment Letter and Responses

O1-Center For Natural Comment Letter and Responses

O2-Tubb Canyon Desert Conservancy Comment Letter and Responses

O3-Endangered Habitats League Comment Letter and Responses

O3-Exhibit A Endangered Habitats League Comment Letter and Responses

O4-Anza Borrego Foundation Comment Letter and Responses

O5-Escondido Creek Conservancy Comment Letter and Responses

O6-Golden Door Properties Comment Letter and Responses

S1-Office Of Planning And Research Comment Letter and Responses

S2-CA Dept Of Fish And Wildlife Comment Letter and Responses

S3-Div Of Oil Gas Geothermal Resources Comment Letter and Responses

S4-CALTRANS Comment Letter and Responses



Appendix A:     Notice of Preparation and Comments Received

Appendix B:     Air Quality Technical Report and Attachment A: Parts 1, 2, 3

Appendix C:     Confidential Cultural Resources Data  (Not Available for General Public Review)

Appendix D:     Noise Technical Report

Appendix E:     Transportation Impact Assessment

Appendix F:     Greenhouse Gas Assessment

Appendix G:     Energy Conservation

Appendix H:     Impacted Roadway Segments and Supporting Rationale for LOS E/F Acceptance

Appendix I:      Proposed Zoning Special Area Regulations (D Designators)