Education, Process Improvements and Compliance for Environmental Risk Reduction

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To reduce the most common hazardous waste, medical waste and hazardous materials violations found in the Biotech and R&D industry sector. The program is open to facilities primarily engaged in biotechnology and laboratory testing in the County of San Diego.


  1. Demonstrate that education and outreach can be effective tools in obtaining compliance from the regulated community; and
  2. Establish a risk-based inspection process that can be used to assist in directing resources to areas of high risk and non-compliance.

The CUPA demonstrated a 56% decrease in Top 10 Violations between 2004 and 2006. In 2007, the CUPA established a risk-based inspection process.



Annually evaluate the Top 10 Violations. Provide online training directed at biotechnology with regard to the evolving Top 10 Violations. Monitor trends in violations per inspection. Continuously evaluate processes looking for process improvements.

Evaluate bringing this tool to other industry sectors.

NOTE: For the purposes of this project, biotechnology facilities include process development, manufacturing and development of analytical laboratory devices and instruments, medical and surgical instruments, medicinal chemicals, botanical products, pharmaceutical preparations, and biological products. Testing laboratories are laboratories where relatively small quantities of hazardous chemicals are handled or used for purposes of research, analysis, clinical testing, or product development, testing, or quality control.