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 Hazardous Waste 

California Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program & List of Certified Labs
Chlorinated automotive product use banned HM-9095
Employee Training Documentation (sample) HM-954
Empty Container Management  HM-9199
Hazardous Waste Management for Small Quantity Generators HM-9099
Label Samples - Hazardous Waste/Universal Waste/Empty Container
Local Certified Hazardous Waste Testing Labs HM-9268
Pharmaceutical Waste Presentations
RCRA Large Quantity Generator Emission Control Regulations - Subparts BB and CC
Registered Hazardous Waste Transporters
Small Quantity Generator Emergency Response Plan HM-9099a
Waste Determination for Generators HM-984
Hazardous Waste Generators: Summary of Regulations
Small Quantity Generator Regulations RCRA 40 CFR 262.34
Small Quantity Generator Tank Regulations RCRA 40 CFR 265.201
Small Quantity Generator Container Management Regulations RCRA 40 CFR 265.170

 DTSC Fact Sheets

Aerosol Can Management
Accumulation Time Limits for Generators
Dental, Medical & Veterinary Offices - Managing Hazardous Waste
Empty Container Management
Hazardous Waste Generator Requirements
Hazardous Waste Manifest Changes
Universal Waste Management
Used Oil and Oil Filter Management
Waste Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Filters Management
More information about the Hazardous Waste Program


 Hazardous Waste Tank Systems
Hazardous Waste Tank Systems
Attention: Owners of Used Oil or Waste Antifreeze ASTs HM-9271
Hazardous Waste Tank Systems HM-932
Hazardous Waste Tank System Daily Inspection Log HM-9321
Waste Tank Management for Large Quantity Generators

Onsite Treatment of Hazardous Waste  - Tiered Permitting Facilities
Tiered Permitting Requirements Reference Chart
Cost Estimates: facilities Under Permit by Rule or Conditional Authorization HM-9224

DTSC Fact Sheets
Flowchart for Onsite Treatment & Tiered Permitting
Phase I Environmental Assessment Checklist

Fixed Treatment Units (FTUs)
FTU Operating Under Permit By Rule
FTU Operating Under Conditional Authorization
FTU Operating Under Conditional Exemption-Small Quantity Treatment
FTU Operating Under Conditional Exemption-Limited
FTU Operating Under Conditional Exemption-Specified Waste Stream

Transportable Treatment Units (TTUs)
TTU Operating Under Conditional Exemption-Small Quantity Treatment
TTU Operating Under Conditional Exemption-Specified Waste Stream
TTU Operating Under Permit by Rule


 Hazardous Materials

CalEMA Release Reporting Booklet
Disclosure of Hazardous Materials Information Bulletin HM-9243
Hazardous Substances List (Director's List)
Proposition 65 Information (Carcinogens and Reproductive Toxins List)
Regulated Substances HM-9181
Release Reporting Assessment Tool HM-9511
San Diego County Code of Regulatory Ordinances (Title 6, Div.8, Ch.11 - HazMat Business Plans) 
More information about the Hazardous Materials Program


 Medical Waste

California Medical Waste Management Act
Disposal for Veterinary Practices HM-9216
Disposal for Dental Practices HM-9218
Disposal for Medical Practices HM-9219
Dental, Medical & Veterinary Offices - Managing Hazardous Waste (DTSC)
Home-Generated Sharps Guidance for Healthcare Providers HM-9266
Medical Solid Waste Security HM-9217
Medical Waste Container Labeling Guidance HM-9904
Medical Waste Transporters
Sample Steam Sterilization Log HM-9157
Storage Times HM-9214
Waste Pharmaceuticals-Hazardous Waste Determination Guidance HM-9267
San Diego Code of Regulatory Ordinances - Title 6, Division 8, Chapter 12 - Medical Waste
More information about the Medical Waste Program


 Underground Storage Tanks

Standards for Secondary Containment Testing of USTs  HM-9169a
UST Plan Check and Inspection Fees HM-9128(UST)
UST Presentations


 Tools for Compliance
Pollution Prevention
Automotive Repair P2 Checklist HM-9632
Small Quantity Medical Waste Generators HM-9634

Self Audit Tools
Automotive Repair Businesses HM-9631
Biotech Businesses HM-9635
Secondary Schools HM-9636

General HMD Publications

Permit Fees HM-9128
UST Plan Check and Inspection Fees HM-9128(UST)
DEH Fees Web Page