Maternal, Child, and Family Health Services (MCFHS)


Maternal, Child and Family Health Services (MCFHS) analyzes, monitors, and disseminates statistics on perinatal health issues. Problems can then be identified and addressed. If you have any questions regarding MCFHS statistics, please send us an email.

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Statistical Tables

MCFHS provides the following statistical tables on selected perinatal health indicators. They include only San Diego County residents. Note that past years' statistics may be revised as methods change or updated data become available.


    Teen Births

    Prenatal Care

    Delivery Method


    Low Birth Weight

    Fetal Mortality

    Infant Mortality (based on separate death and birth files)

    Infant Mortality - based on cohort files (linked births and deaths) 

    Maternal Mortality

Additional Statistical Resources:


For more information on MCFHS statistics, send us an email.


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