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On this page, you will find information about applying for a food health permit, operating and maintaining a food facility, rules and regulations, and resource materials from outside the County of San Diego. There is also information and guides for consumers regarding health safety.

2017-09: Click to learn more about Hepatitis A - Prevention and Control here.


Due to the ongoing Hepatitis A outbreak in the San Diego region, the Public Health Officer recommends that all food handlers be vaccinated against the Hepatitis A virus.  Please read the Health Officer's letter to Food Facility Operators here.
To learn more about permitting requirements and food safety when providing food during sporting league events, please click here to take a look at our new Guide for Food Sales and Service at Sporting Events - Eat Safe! Play Safe!

To learn more about food safety when handling surplus foods that will be donated, please click here to take a look at our new “Too Good To Waste Guide for Food Safety of Donated Foods”.



Forms and Applications
AB 1990 - Community Food Producer Registration Form: PDF
Commissary Agreement:   PDF
Cottage Food Program Information: HERE
Cottage Food Class A CFO Registration:
Cottage Food Class B CFO Permit: PDF
Culinary Garden Agreement:  PDF
Foodborne Illness (Food Poisoning) Intake Form:  PDF
Food Facility Plan Check Application: PDF
Facility Fee Schedule:  PDF
Facility Plan Check Fee Schedule:  PDF
Mobile Food Facility Location of Operation Information Sheet:  PDF
Mobile Food Facility Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Worksheet:  PDF
Public Health Permit Application:  PDF
Change of Ownership Questionnaire: PDF
Public Records Request Form:
Temporary Food Facility Sponsor Application: PDF
Temporary Food Facility Vendor ApplicationPDF
Veteran's Exemption Application: PDF
Veteran's Exemption Frequently Asked Questions: PDF



Operating Information
Guide to Opening a New Food Business in San Diego County: PDF
Retail Food Facility Operator's Guide: English (PDF)  Spanish (PDF)
  Chinese (PDF)  Vietnamese (PDF)
Food Safety Manager Certification Options:
Food Handler Training Schools:
Food Handler Training Booklets: English (PDF)  Spanish (PDF)
  Chinese (PDF)  Vietnamese (PDF)
Food Facility Consultations:   PDF
Food Facility Self-Inspection Checklist:   English (PDF)   Spanish (PDF)
Food Facility Food Temperature Log: PDF
Wholesale Food Warehouse Risk Control Plan: PDF
Culinary Garden Agreement PDF
Community Garden Guideline PDF


Guidelines and Handouts

Allergen Information: PDF
California Department of Public Health: Cottage Food Operations (Approved Food List)
Consumer Advisory Update: PDF
Dining Out? Safe Food is Everybody's Responsibility: PDF
Food Donations: Too Good to Waste PDF
Food Safety Guide for Non-Profit Organizations that Distribute Food:  PDF
Food Labeling Guide:  PDF

Guide for Food Sales and Service at Sporting Events: Eat Safe! Play Safe! 
Guidelines for Allowing Dogs into Outdoor Patio Dining: PDF
Guidelines for Determining Approved Food Sources: PDF
Handwashing Poster - Clean Hands Save Lives: English (PDF)   Spanish (PDF)
Hepatitis A Guidance for Food Facilities: English (PDF)
Hepatitis A Disinfection Guidelines: English (PDF)    Spanish (PDF)
Vietnamese (PDF)    Arabic (PDF)    Tagalog (PDF)   
Insider's Guide to Handwashing:  English (PDF)   Spanish (PDF)
Norovirus Infection Prevention & Control:  PDF
Pollution Prevention in Food Establishments: Website
Pollution Prevention in Food Establishments Flyer: English (PDF)    Spanish (PDF)
Rapid Cooling: PDF  
Rapid Cooling Log: PDF
Reusable Bags: PDF
School Share Tables: PDF
Service Animals (US Department Of Justice): PDF
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Service Animals: PDF
Guidelines For Allowing Non-Service Dogs Into Outdoor Patio Dining: PDF
Shellfish Warning Signs:  PDF
Time as a Public Health Control (TPHC):  PDF
Trans-Fat Fact Sheet:  PDF
Warewashing Guidance: PDF 
Water Conservation Tips for Food Facilities:  PDF
Wiping Cloths:  English (PDF)     Spanish (PDF)



Food Safety

Food Defense & Security:  PDF
Food Safety During a Power Outage: VIDEO
Food Safety in the Event of a Power Outage: PDF
Food Security Self-Assessment (US Department of Agriculture):  PDF
Safe Cheese:  HHSA English (PDF)  HHSA Spanish (PDF)  
Safe Handling of Eggs:  PDF
Safe Handling of Raw Produce & Juices (FDA):  PDF


HACCP Guidance
HACCP Principles (FDA):  PDF
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Flow Chart: PDF
HACCP Checklist (Local - DEH FHD Review): PDF
HACCP Checklist (State Review): PDF
Specialized Process Questionnaire Form: PDF
Specialized Process Application Form: PDF


Plan Check

Food Facility Plan Check Application: PDF
Plan Check Review Reference Guidelines - Does your facility require Plan Check Review? PDF
Guide to Opening a New Food Business: PDF
Plan Check Consultation Guide: PDF
Food Facility Plan Review Guide: PDF
Food Facility Plan Check Flow Chart: PDF
Food Facility Plan Check Checklist: PDF
Direct Sales Catering - Host Facility Requirements for Breweries: PDF
Direct Sales Catering - Host Facility Plan Check Flow Chart: PDF
Plan Check Fee Schedule: PDF
Construction & Operational Guide for Mobile Food Facilities and Mobile Support Units: PDF
Retail Market Conversions For Fresh Produce: PDF
Mobile Food Facility Operations FAQ: PDF
Mobile Food Facility Operational Procedures: PDF
Acceptable Floor Materials: PDF
Grease Trap Policy: PDF
Buffet service guidelines: PDF
Mechanical ventilation exemption guide: PDF
Water heater sizing guidelines: PDF
Open-air BBQ guidelines: PDF


Mobile Food Facilities

Mobile Food Presentation for Industry:  PDF
Presentación para la Industria de Unidades de Comida Móvil:  en Español
Directions to County Operation Center: PDF
Operations FAQ: PDF
Mobile Food Operator's Guide: PDF
Manual del Operador: en Español
Mobile Food Facility Commissary Guidelines: PDF
Mobile Food Facility Commissary Letter: PDF
Mobile Food Facility Location of Operation Information Sheet: PDF
Mobile Food Facility Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Worksheet: PDF 


Cottage Food Operations

California Department of Public Health:  Cottage Food Operations (Approved Food List)
Cottage Food Law:  California Health & Safety Code §114365-§114365.6
Class A CFO Registration Packet: PDF
Class B CFO Registration Packet: PDF
California Cottage Food FAQs:  English   Spanish
Ley de Alimentos Caseros - Preguntas Frecuentes:  en Español
Zoning Requirements:  Permit/License Requirements from your City of Residence
Training Options:  State Food Processor Course or San Diego County Approved Courses
San Diego Cottage Food Label Requirements:  PDF 
Label Requirements for Allergens:  PDF
Do You Qualify as a Cottage Food Operation?  Flow Chart Screening PDF
San Diego Cottage Food Potable Water Requirements:  PDF


Community and Culinary Gardens

Community Garden Guideline:  PDF
Community Garden FAQ: PDF
Culinary Garden Agreement: PDF
Guidelines for the Use of Alternate Water Supplies to Irrigate Gardens: PDF
Composting Tips for School or Community Gardens: PDF


Disaster Preparedness

Boil Water Order Information:  PDF
Water Outage Guidelines: PDF
Emergency/Disaster Procedures for Food Facilities:  PDF
Emergency Shelter & Mass Feeding Center Guidelines:  PDF
Fire Recovery for Food Facilities - Damaged Food:  PDF
Fire Recovery for Food Facilities - Disposal of Spoiled Food:  PDF
Fire Recovery for Food Facilities - Procedures for Operators:  PDF
Fire Recovery - What to do after a Wildfire:  PDF
How to Keep your Food Safe during a Power Outage:  Video   PDF
Illnesses Guidelines for Food Operations:  PDF


Consumer Resources

Emergency Food Supply:  English (PDF)     Spanish (PDF)
Emergency Sewage Disposal:  PDF
Fight Bac!:  PDF
Food Safety Game Plan for Youth Sporting Events:  PDF
Guide for Packing a Safe School Lunch:  English (PDF)     Spanish (PDF)
Purifying Water:  PDF


Rules and Regulations
California Retail Food Code (CalCode):   PDF
CalCode Summary of Changes: PDF
California Sherman Food, Drug & Cosmetic Law:   PDF
San Diego County Wholesale Food Warehouse Ordinance: PDF
Trans Fat Industry Fact Sheet (AB 97) & Cal Code Summary of Changes (SB241): English (PDF)     Spanish (PDF)
Trans Fat Guidelines (CCDEH):   PDF
Service Animals (US Department Of Justice): PDF
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Service Animals: PDF



Food & Housing Programs
Forms & Applications  Food Complaints
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