The Watershed Protection Program offers educational handouts and training videos as a resource on how to implement best management practices for specific pollutant generating activities. Additionally, WPP offers more information on specific watershed management areas located within the County of San Diego. 

Please click a category below to view applicable handouts for your specific pollutant generating activity or watershed management area. 

Please note that some topics have additional languages (Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional) and Tagalog) available. 

Click the down arrow on the topic button to view available languages. 


Residential Outreach Flyers

Prevent & Control Erosion


Check After You Mow
Do I Need a Construction Permit?
Recreational Vehicle Users
Doo Points


Find Your Water District
Equine Non-Tech
Erosion and Sediment BMPs
Soil and Sediment
Irrigation Runoff
Trash and Green Waste
Vehicle Washing
Pet Waste
Water Resources Regarding Waterbodies, Property and Permits
Pool and Spas
BMP Guidance Handbook
Yard Drains

Industrial & Commercial Outreach Flyers

Materials Management Spill Response
Composting and Manure Management
Mobile Vehicle Washing
Equine Technical
Paintball and Recreational Fields
Fire Sprinkler Maintenance
Paintings and Coatings
General Pollution
Pest Control Operators
Golf Courses
Automotive Businesses
Green Business Program
Food Establishments
Portable Sanitary Toilet Cleaning
Inspect Your Business
Retail and Wholesale Fueling
Loading and Dumpster Areas
Special Events
Masonry and Cement
Train Your Employees
Vineyards and Wineries

Structural BMP Outreach Flyers

Structural BMP Information Guide
Drain Inserts
Structural BMP HOA Guide
Hydrodynamic Separators
Cisterns and Underground Vaults
Infiltration BMPs
Cisterns and Underground Vaults
Tree Wells
Detention BMPs
Vegetated BMPs
Dispersion Areas

Watershed Specific Flyers 

Specific Information for the Carlsbad Watershed
Specific Information for San Luis Rey Watershed
Specific Information for the Los Penaquitos Watershed
Specific Information for the Santa Margarita Watershed
Specific Information for the Otay Watershed
Specific Information for the Sweetwater Watershed
Specific Information for the San Dieguito Watershed
Specific Information for the Tijuana Watershed
Specific Information for San Diego River Watershed

Training & Resource Videos