Jamul / Dulzura


The Jamul/Dulzura Subregion covers an area of approximately 168 square miles located generally, south of Loveland Reservoir and the Sweetwater River, adjacent to and north of the Mexican border and east of the Rancho San Diego land development. Located within the northeast portion of the Planning Area is Barrett Lake, and the Cleveland National Forest. U.S Highway 94 traverses the region generally in an east-west direction.

The population of the subregion is about 5,000 people. It has several small rural or semi-rural communities including Jamul, Steel Canyon, Dulzura, and Barrett Junction. Jamul, the largest of these communities, and its surrounding hills and valleys accommodate a majority of the Subregion's population. Generally the Subregion is still rural in character since it has no sewer system and imported water service only in the northwestern portion of the area. 
                - Jamul/Dulzura Subregional Plan, San Diego County General Plan

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